Film «Staple»
Sergei Alimpiev in a film by Natalya Bereg «Staple»
Team: cast Sergei Alimpiev Olesya Astapova / director Natalya Bereg / cameraman Mikhail Blintsov / assistant cameraman Alexander Burikov / photo Vedeneyay Trifonova / supervisor Anastasiya Lubkovskaya / makeup Lina krinichnaya / captions Sergey Dalmatkin / color correction Dmitriy Datunashvili / music Angelika Varum "Etude" Alexey LIKHNITSKY "Fobia" / running time 07:48 min

«Staple» was initially conceived as an experiment. The most unimportant moments of our lives are filled with millions of meaningless words and are meaningless not because they are bad as they are, but because each perceives them in his own way. Imagine the number of errors and tongue-tiedness that a simple effort to convey the sound holds in itself – a molecule hitting a molecule, the breeze tilting it, the sound being transmitted with a mistake and so on...

Can the film camera, so beloved by the author, convey sensuality? Not the things that can be seen by the viewer through its high technology pixels – but what the Camera can breathe into the viewer. That is what's important.

The argument between the objective perception of the world and the sensual one is expressed in the movie by way of a contention between the static, indifferent security camera and the subjective camera, showing almost nothing of objectivity but breathing love. The first Camera tells us that there's nothing to ponder – everything can be seen already, but the Second one, afraid of touching, peers into the main hero – nothing can be seen clearly, the fragments of the shot, the fragments of the action, but there is an important thing – a big heart that has love eternally living in it.

The project was a difficult one. The shooting started in a hospital room of the enormous hospital complex Moniki... but everything dimmed, feelings got mixed. The footage was discarded – only silence and a pain of untoldness remained.

Having born the pain, with a new team this time, in two months we shot everything in a little more than half a film shift! Not a single superfluous word was said at the set. Even during lunch, the team stayed mostly silent – considering it important not to stray from the "wordlessness".

The main role was played by the prominent Saint Petersburg actor, Sergey Alimpiev. The directorial handling of the film was to build a cult around the "tactile" interaction of the Camera, that replaced the heroine from time to time, able not only to talk, but to move by itself.

Thus the general view security Camera «threw» the viewer into his «known» reality, while the subjective Camera brought back the sensuality that wass to be the force of gravitation between the two loving, but unable to communicate verbally heroes of the film – is there something MORE than words?