«I’ll be wearing makeup for my funeral» Videoart
Author / model / post-production: Natalia Bereg
Camera: Mikhail Blintsov

We are in the same place and the same circumstances we once passionately craved. Why then do you feel so much heaviness and pain? With the weight of our desires, our souls, our hands, our feet, our minds and heads are entangled. It’s a giant octopus pulling us to the bottom.

«I’ll be wearing makeup for my funeral» is a work of the artist Natalia Bereg made, as they say, on the «topic of the day», but at the same time conveying, with deep subtext, chilling with its hopelessness, the eternal story of humanity. How many people have died in the chasing of their dream? Even more than that: how many people have died in the chasing of someone else’s dream?

The videoart’s main heroine is shown in a seemingly banal, universally familiar fashion: a vividly colored, expensive dress, a symbolic hat made of paper money, holding in her hands some things familiar to any woman.. She’s sitting in a most regular place, too – a garage. The location and all the items shown in the shot are screaming banal well-being to the viewer – the car, the money, the dresses..

Is the heroine able to handle that happiness? She is – that is proven by the videoart’s storyline – the heroine, the unbearable weight notwithstanding, handles her objective well – to keep the «happy» appearance in front of the viewer – she’s even smiling, but the emotional pain and the intolerable-ness of the achieved actuality knocks you off your feet with its candor and the treacherously killing so-called universally accepted happiness. No one will ever know what each of us had to pay for their dream.

The subjective matter and dramaturgy of the videoart are evidently and loudly in a fight with the emotions experienced by the heroine; the viewer experiences them too, and that happens for a reason that doesn’t need proving. You can draw a lot of conclusions from what you have seen: what a thankless fool; get rid of the damn bags; it’s all your own fault; if you don’t like it, get up and leave; but the central idea of the author’s is solely one thing: we are tongue-tied dreamers! And we do that not out of foolishness, but rather because we do not know ourselves at all.

For the real freedom, in author’s opinion, is the freedom of accepting oneself, the surrounding society, the creation on the whole. An absence of excessively high demands on oneself, the surrounding, the creation, grants peace and lightness of being...

Videoart «I’ll be wearing makeup to my funeral» is a participant of the V Season of the Russian Art Park 2018 that took place in the city of Krasnodar.

Videoart «I’ll be wearing makeup to my funeral» is a participant of the Moscow Design Week 2018