«Isolde XXI» - Videoart
Author / director / operator: Natalia Bereg
Isolde: Mariya Mileshkina
GoPro 5 hero/ Final Cut X pro
Makeup: Lyudmila Savelieva
Location: www.contrast-cleaners.ru

«If you want to live with a queen, first take the iron away from her...» NB

Humanity has passed the frontier between the XX and XXI centuries. We have long forgotten how it feels to live without the Internet and what it feels like to know half the numbers from the phone book by heart. Most men have long stopped risking their lives to get food, and the woman still bears the cross of the small worries, invisible to all, that have neither weekends nor holidays.

Most women are worthy to bear a crown, but it turns out to be an unbearable weight when you're drowning in the trivial hassle of domestic tasks.

Participant videoart, Exhibition “Symbol of Fashion. Energy of the Epoque”. State “Museum of Fashion”, sup. by the Ministry of Culture of Russia