Photoset «My great-grandma's dreams»
Idea / costume design / production design / model /props: Natalia Bereg
Phorography: Margarita Smagina
Hair/makeup: Kina Krinichnaya

It all began with costumes and props carefully gathered by Natalia Bereg for many years. Only in 2017 was born the idea of reconstructing the image of a boudoir woman who would be the least interested in the mad bustle and pointless race for information that, like human foolishness, make a woman an old aunt, a hag, a hysterical wretch...

With this photowork it was intended to show to all modern women what beautiful things can happen to them if they get a smallest chance of taking of the stretchy jeans...

Partcipant photoset, Exhibition «Symbol of Fashion. Energy of the Epoque», State «Museum of Fashion», supp. by the Ministry of Culture of Russia