Moscow Design Week 2018

The biggest event in the world of design not only for the professional crowd – for everybody who loves and appreciates design. More than 250 000 people have visited that outstanding event. This year Moscow Design Week 2018 brings together international stars of design, architecture and modern art! This year Moscow Design Week 2018 will take place on more than a hundred sites!

Today modern art is such a big concept that the organizers of that widescale event saw fit to include not only designers and architects in the program, but also bright representatives of modern art – the artists that, by the sorting committee’s decision, were the brightest exemplaries of that area.

We are happy to announce that Natalia Bereg’s work «I’ll be wearing makeup for my funeral» has been selected as a participant of Moscow Design Week 2018. On the site of the unique, in form and content, POP UP MUSEUM, can be found the Design Point with the art installation and videoart.

It is worth noting that the artist’s work has already been given high accolades in the Fifth season of the Russian Art Park that took place in Krasnodar in the spring of 2018.

The art concept of the videoart and the installation can be accessed on this website in the Projects section. And you can take a look and assess the videoart itself on the Youtube channel available through this link -