Natalia Bereg's short film «Birthday» has been selected to be a part of the competitive program of the 8th Tracce Cinematografiche International Short Film Festival. The festival and the award ceremony will take place from 2th to 7th of July 2019 in Nettuno – a popular resort on the shore of the Tyrrhenian Sea, located in 60 km to the south of Rome in Roma province.

Tracce Cinematografiche International Short Film Festival is a festival of short film with no longer than 16 min running time. The festival's management has received more than 1300 applications from 90 countries, with only 48 films making it into the festival's program.

Russia will be represented on the festival by 3 pictures, one of them – Natalia Bereg's student work "Birthday" (prod. at VKSR), whose festival promotion is handled by Cinepromo. "Is there life after forty? What does a young girl go through when she becomes a woman?" One word is going to confuse her and add another ten years if she is not ready..."

Natalia Bereg, director: "We know a lot about male middle age crisis from books, movies and plays, but what do we know about female age crisis? What constitutes the breaking point in her mind and how well is the modern woman adjusted to the "eternally youthful" demands of modernity?".